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We all know that in order to play really well in public, it is necessary to practice really well in private. The concepts presented in these online books are meant to guide you through the most important part of your career: your practicing routine. Improvement means change. If you keep practicing in the same way you have always practiced, you will continue to achieve the same kind of results in the future, and that will eventually lead you to a “plateau”; that means, a level which seems impossible to surpass. If we keep doing the same thing for a long period of time, we will get bored and be locked inside a limiting level, missing out on the opportunity to reach the level we were naturally meant to reach. This is just the way it is; we could fantasize and wish things were different, but in the end, we must be realistic and understand that in order to improve, a change must first occur. The purpose of this series is to challenge you to these changes one at a time. The strategies presented here are meant to be applied in a comfortable and effective way, that means, you will be able to rotate the strategies throughout your daily practicing routine as you wish. For example, if you have at your disposal strategies X, Y, Z, etc, you can then choose which one to use for today’s practicing session based on the way you feel or on the way you have set up your action plan. If you want to learn more about how to design your action plan for a successful performance, guitar competition, or show, please remember to purchase Eduardo’s top improvement program for guitarists: “Pathways to Guitar Excellence ©”. There, you will not only design your plan, but also learn everything he knows about the process of achieving what you want in guitar performance, including his innovative technique approach. In this series, Costa will challenge you to commit to these changes one at a time, we will discuss in depth topics that has brought him great advantage in his playing and much excitement in preparing this material for you.

Volume 1 - Questions

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  • Main Concept

  • Types of Questions: Improvement & Regression

  • Five Effective Ways of Applying “Questions” to Your Practicing Routine

  • The Best Question You Can Ask Yourself

  • Designing Your Own Questions

  • Formula for Creating Clarity

  • Formula for Creating Commitment

  • Formula for Creating Pressure

  • Formula for Creating Possibilities

  • 100 Questions for Your Practice Sessions

  • Strategy for Easily Asking Questions You don’t Want to Ask

  • Eliminate Feelings of Overwhelment

  • Eduardo’s 10 Top Favorite Questions

  • Conclusion

Volume 2 - The Learning Game

Eduardo will personally send you the file in less than 24 hours.


  • Main Concept

  • Conditioning

  • Source of Accuracy

  • “Database”

  • Right Target

  • Demand

  • The RPR Method

  • The Learning Game

  • The Amazing Side-effect

  • Detailed Step-by-step Instructions

  • The Element of Probability

  • Length of Material

  • Technical Application

  • Musical

  • Application

  • Conclusion